Thursday, September 27, 2007

Connecting women and technology

There is a very important annual date coming up in a few weeks – the Grace Hopper Conference of Women in Computing. This is a fantastic, annual conference, put on by ABI, to run panels, sessions, training and celebration focused around the opportunities and challenges for women on a technical career path, particularly computer science.

We’ve just moved the conference to be annual and the number of attendees continues to climb dramatically. We expect 1500 attendees this year – probably half will be students, the remainder are technical women from industry. Companies like IBM, Cisco, Google are sending teams of employees and not only participating in the conference, but also are holding their own events at the conference to bring women together from across their organizations to discuss the joys and issues of being in a technical career as a woman. We’re also holding our first CTO Forum to bring together CTOs (male and female) to debate how to encourage more women to develop technology careers.

If you have never been together with 1000+ women who are passionate about technology – and you’re one of them, or you are an executive who hires engineers – check out Grace Hopper. You’ll never think the same way about women and technology again.

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