Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Growing blog credibility

In a sign of the times, I found this mention of Intel inviting influential bloggers to its press events in China. This is another data point on what we see: that corporate marketing and some money managers (especially in Tech) are beginning to look at blogs as a rich thought stimulation source and a way of feeling the pulse in the market.

That said, the signal to noise ratio is so low on blogs that a high-precision service is the only way to make this workable, and feed aggregators are an increasingly overwhelming experience.

Part of our service is the process of finding and qualifying blogs - we include the ones we discover to be authoritative and original - and we invest both technology and researchers to stay ahead of a very steep curve. It's interesting that not every client of ours is crazy about them to start with. We spend time explaining our process and showing results from blogs crawls mixed in with the other obscure (but very insightful) content that we find.

Even if blogs aren't a nobrainer to everyone yet - it's clear they are taking off and taking over from some types of journalism. As the Intel marketing person said in the article above: "We will continue to invite bloggers to our events because we don't want to lose connection with the public,"

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