Monday, October 8, 2007

Opening the Gurgaon office

We opened our new office in Gurgaon earlier this year - when I did not have the blog - and so I'm sharing photos of the opening now. It's a beautiful office in a brand new building where we have over 100 researchers, analysts and engineers supporting our product and our customers. Moving in was both exciting and a relief. We'd been in older office space and were affected by the local Delhi government enforcing zoning so to finally have new, clean, well lit, well ventilated, space with support facilities like a cafeteria and a library (you can probably interpret what I thought of the old space from this list) was really great for everyone.

Cutting the ribbon (notice all the smiles!)

Decorated new office space

Traditional (beautiful) flower decorations

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Contry Flora@Gurgoan said...

Flowers are important life and natural flavor.

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