Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Management matters: More turnover at YHOO

I recently saw Kara Swisher’s post over at All Things Digital and it reinforced how much management really matters.

For a growing company like FirstRain, getting the right management team in place is key to moving quickly through iterations to learn from the market and so to be able to build the right products and business model.

Poor Yahoo is going through major management disruption -- at all levels not just the C-level --and it is a reminder that for large companies, management turnover is both a key signal to investors and a drag on turnarounds until you get the new management team in place and working well together.

We track management changes for our customers - detecting arrivals, departures and other fascinating behaviors (yet to be announced) to give our customers insight into what's really going on with a management team below what they tell you.

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