Monday, November 19, 2007

Value just under the surface

A friend sent me an interesting analogy for FirstRain today: The British recently found a submerged WW2 fighter - an American P38 Lightning - that crashed on a beach in Wales during the war. The plane had crashed during a training exercise in 1942 after running out of gas and the pilot was safe, walked away and left the plane on the beach in perfect condition.

The plane had been stripped of its guns and in the records it was reported as “recovered” but clearly it was not. It sat on a public beach in the west of England for more than 65 years, slowly being covered with sand and unnoticed by the beach going public. Unusual conditions surfaced the plane and TIGHAR (a historic aircraft recovery group) are now protecting it and figuring out how to salvage the vintage wreck.

This recovered P38 will probably be worth a great deal, both materially and sentimentally. But it was hidden and only the unusual movement of sand revealed it. The same can be said for many examples of obscure information about people and companies that exist but are very hard to find without a shifting of the sands.

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