Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Web transparency on management

As we ramp up our sales team (we've doubled it in the last 90 days), I’ve spent the last few months in New York interviewing candidates. The intensity with which the good candidates ask questions about the executive team has reminded me of how much employees, as well as investors, pay attention to management.

Our headquarters are just one exit up Hwy 101 from Oracle, and the recent notice given to Larry Ellison’s stock sales made me wonder about all his actions that are now public because of the Web. Whether it’s coverage of his non-Oracle investments or his lodging of complaints in the sporting world the Web provides a shocking, transparent mechanism for creating both insight and accountability around management. Truer than ever is the old adage about assuming that anything you say or do (or blog) could wind up on page 1 of the newspaper - so don't do anything you don't want to see there!

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