Thursday, November 15, 2007

What people find interesting

I found a great article in the Atlantic that analyzes the stories newspapers put on their front pages versus the list of "Most Emailed articles" -- and what that says about what consumers want, and where media is going. If you are in the information access business it's worth reading.

This is an ever increasing pattern that we see on the business side too. People just don't want to be fed the mass marketed messages any more. They want their news delivery systems to either feed them unique stories, or only send them stories that are truly interesting to them.

"What unites the most emailed list... is uniqueness. These stories, as they say in marketing, offer a "value add," something that's not available on the vaguely Soviet-seeming syndication-fed news pages of AOL, Yahoo, or Google. The real value now lies in non-commodifiable virtues like deep reporting, strong narrative, distinct point of view, and sharp analysis, which even in the blogger area (or especially in the blogger era) is available only piecemeal."

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