Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is gender a restricting force?

I don't intend to write on politics here - I'm focusing on mining the web and growing a company - but there was a controversial op-ed by Gloria Steinem in the New York Times yesterday that really struck a nerve with me. Gender bias is so pervasive in our society - subtle and continuous in our media and language - that while I like to believe it no longer affects me, when I read a piece like this all the experiences I have of other people's assumptions of me, even recently, spring to mind and I have to smile, make myself shrug off my feelings and keep going.

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Any Donkey said...

I admit that simply reading the musings of Ms. Steinem sets me on edge. Perhaps I am biased?

Unfortunately, the message is lost in the baggage of the messenger. There is a lesson . . .

I have a 15 year old daughter who is blessed with talent, ambition, a willingness to work hard and is attractive. I have wondered more than once, how those distinct traits individually influence her successes and will impact her life.

That noted, I personally know more than one female who has used her appearance (etc.) to get ahead (they may say "level the playing field"). When they age (mature?) and feel they are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts, they complain.

Unfortunately, the behavior of a few attract attention and have the greatest impact on the formation of public opinion.

For example, what is the public opinion of a recently successful major league baseball player? He did it with drugs. That is unfair, but it is reality.

I bet the average black man in the south would trade places with a white woman anywhere in the country.

Stop. Did you momentarily think "well, duh"? Be honest.

Thought provoking topic.

Keep blogging.

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