Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frank is back!

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that Frank Quattrone is back - he's launching a tech-focused banking and advisory boutique called Qatalyst Group with a couple of former CSFB collegues.

I'm happy to see him back. Frank personally played a key role in helping me get Simplex through our IPO in May 2001. This was a terrible time in the market, there were no tech IPOs, no one wanted to be first and Frank believed in me and my company enough to take the risk with us and take us on the road. It was a nailbiter for the first 10 days and then the market figured out what we had, the orders started coming in and by the time we were done we priced above our range and had the best first day performance of 2001. I can still see the room, Frank, Larry Sonsini from WSGR, my CFO Luis Buhler and myself around a small table in a small conference room talking it through, and Frank saying he'd do it (and my wash of relief that we'd raise much needed capital for our growth).

Frank's signature is smarts - assembling strong banking teams, being very well networked with the power players in the valley, and picking winning companies. Building a new firm from scratch is tough but if it can be done he'll do it.

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