Saturday, May 17, 2008

My 116 mile week

As I have posted before, we have a FirstRain team competing in the Vineman Aquabike in the Sonoma Valley on August 2 - and so we have started seriously training now.

Having never been much of an athlete on land (I'm more of a fish) it's been a challenge for me to start building up biking stamina given my crazy travel schedule - so this week was a big step up for me. And I was not the only one. It was bike-to-work week here and so several California team members rode to the office and the Aquabike is beginning to have the team building effect I hoped it would as we compare notes on our bikes, routes and aches and pains!

My week consisted of:
32 miles with my honey on Sunday
50 miles (to work and back) on Wednesday - in the heat wave
34.5 miles early this morning with my HR director, Ana.

The last is the longest ride I've done at once since we rode up the West coast of Italy at 21 years old - and even so I feel great! Now I am on the road with a packed schedule for a week.

I think we're all going to make it and be a strong team - it's clearly time to buy FirstRain bike shirts.

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