Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What else can I say?

What else can I say except hip, hip, hooray!

I don't usually post on politics here - it really has nothing to do with being a CEO or FirstRain, but today is such a big day I'll stray for once. My sense of relief when CNN declared for Barack Obama was overwhelming. Relief that the steady move to the right of the Supreme Court can be stopped - that women's rights will be preserved and restored. Combined with the relief was a surge of hope. Hope that my children can grow up in a fairer world - a world with equal pay for equal work, hope that we can now move to sustainable energy and reduce global warming, hope that we will play a collaborative leadership role on the world stage and bring our wars to a conclusion, hope that we can restore the rest of the world's faith in America, and finally hope that we can restore our economy and prosperity for all, not just the top 5%.

And one more thought. Sheer joy at the youthquake - seeing the new generation of voters coming out, caring and getting involved in such record numbers. The right to vote is a hard won privilege, one millions of people around the world do not enjoy, and one I am thrilled to see so many more Americans honoring.

OK I'm done now.

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