Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cloud pioneers continue to predict the end of software

When I first came to FirstRain I knew nothing about On Demand or SaaS systems and so I set out to learn as much as a I could as fast as I could -- and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Timothy Chou over coffee (the wonders of the Silicon Valley network) who gave me a rapid primer in the wisdom of the on demand software model.

Timothy is well known in the on demand software world. He built Oracle online, long before on demand was fashionable, and he wrote a terrific book called The End of Software which I read cover to cover many times. He makes a very compelling argument not only for the improved user experience but also of the profound difference in cost model for both customer and supplier in an on demand, or SaaS model.

Now he's written a new book called Cloud which comes out on April 15 - you can guess what that's about. He wrote a guest post as a cloud computing pioneer on deal architect today that is a precis of his position and interestingly enough he still believes the biggest barrier to all software moving into the cloud model is not technology - it's people and their resistance to change.

I made the decision at FirstRain in mid 2005 to go 100% on demand and never install software, so clearly I am a believer, but, as Timothy's post says "Never underestimate the power of the white corpuscles.... Will all business software move to being delivered as a service? The only debate is about the rate of change."

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Hi Penny,

Excellent recap!

- Suzanne Duncan

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