Monday, April 6, 2009

Why can't Netsuite and Salesforce update their CRM to invoice us correctly?

We are delighted users of both Salesforce (for our CRM) and Netsuite (for our financial systems) - but we are very amused that neither firm seems to be able to use their own systems to get our invoicing right.

We moved offices, less than a mile, in May of last year (2008). And this is where the story starts.

With Salesforce we updated our new address online with them in June. Because we pay annually, we expected our invoice in January but it was sent to the old office. Once our rep contacted us we explained that we needed to make changes to our contract to change the number of users and get the locations right so we only pay online sales tax in New York, not in California. Seems simple right?

Well after several conversations they still can't get our invoice right. Today, my controller was called by the Salesforce collections department wanting to know why we hadn't paid our January invoice and I listened to Eugene (over my cube wall) as he patiently explained that we had moved, that we had changed our configuration, and he patiently gave them the new address.... again.

Netsuite is just as amusing. But in this case we want to buy more and we still have issues! We upgraded our Netsuite system in late summer last year to add some modules, told them about our new address and yet... they were still sending quotes (made a correction here - my Netsuite sales team asked me to update this to quotes not invoices , my mistake) to our last controller (who left 2 years ago) at the old address!

And now we've asked for a proposal for more functionality, but 2 weeks after the demo and our asking for the proposal we've still not heard from them. I guess they must have too much business? (Update: The proposal came right after this post).

I realise we are a small customer but come on guys - you've built your businesses on SMB (small and medium sized businesses) - and we'd like to pay you. Can you tie your CRM systems to your accounting systems so we can help you out?

Both Salesforce and Netsuite are SaaS vendors (Software as a Service - like us) which means we access their systems through a web browser, we can use them anywhere, and total cost of ownership is lower than buying an installed system. And as I said we really like their systems so this post is a gentle poke, not a major criticism.

Postscript: The Netsuite sales team got very proactive after this post - scheduled a call with me, made sure I understood what had gone wrong and why and reassured me it won't happen again. Silence from Salesforce. Wonder if their PR guys read blogs the way the Netsuite guys do?

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Anonymous said...

I have felt this pain dealing with SFDC in the past as well. Considering my name was in the system as the main point of contact and NEVER heard from them about our renewal, seems like something is amiss over there.

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