Friday, May 1, 2009

Follow the money around Swine Flu

There are two ways you can look at swine flu from a business perspective - first how it could negatively affect the economy if it turns into a pandemic - and then the other side is the money and research trail that will follow the fight against it.

We've added Swine Flu into our popular Eye on the Storm report so you can get most interesting information on the financial impact of the flu selected for you - looking at drug pipelines and approvals, research funding, R&D deal making among the pharma companies, drug delivery systems and what the FDA is saying.

If you are interested in tracking the Economic Crisis, Stimulus and Recovery you can sign up for free - it's our community service to help readers make more sense of the turbulence we are all going through.

Here's today's swine flu section - check the report out here and you can sign up here.

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