Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's death presents commercial challenge

The sad news of the death of Michael Jackson last night not only challenged the emotions of aging forty something pop fans everywhere, but also challenged the ability of the social networks to keep up with the volume, and will lose at least one concert promoter money.

Twitter had already grown faster than any other site in May but even so was not prepared for Michael's death and is straining under the volume plus the King of Pop brought AOL AIM down for 40 minutes and halted Wikipedia.

It is important to one company though - I was using the new, sizzling hot beta version of FirstRain today to research his death (yeah I know - weird thing to be doing on my vacation - but I never claimed to be normal) and since we are a business research engine found myself reading about all the money that will be lost as a result of his death - not least of which is the exposure AEG Live has to the $85M worth of tickets they have already sold for his 50 concerts here at the O2 arena.

The meltdown of the social networking sites does make me wonder though - What would happen to these services if something really important happened?

I did eventually switch across to read Billy Jean is, after all, still my favorite song to dance to. RIP Michael.


Adam said...

I think, the death of Michael Jackson has shocked the whole world. I totally agree with you, that we have lost a big promoter of economy. You have pitched a nice blog!!!!

Mr Christopher said...

I too was stunned. Twitter really came into its own. Commercial challenges may yet be met...

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