Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three days in Milan for U2 - who were on Fire

I capped off my vacation with 3 days in Milan to catch the U2 concert - and it was well worth extending my stay.

Milan is a fun city - I'm not much of a shopper but I did find the art museum (and their only Caravaggio) and climbed to the top of the Duomo so I got my fix of art. And hung out with friends eating marvelous meals and talking about everything under the sun.

U2 was opened by Snow Patrol who were thrilled and almost overwhelmed to be there - but they got the crowd warmed up.

But the band themselves were (as usual) amazing. Best I have ever seen. Much has been written about the new 360 stage - it works. Bono's daughter came up on stage for him to serenade her on her 18th birthday, Bono and the Edge did Man in the Mirror for Michael Jackson, there were references to Burma, Iran, Italy's renigging on their commitment of aid to Africa (it was the day before the G8 and Bono was mad). The usual mix of message to get involved in changing the world but stimulated by the best music in the world.

And every song was perfect. Electric. Inspiring. Moving. Thrilling.

Twitter and email broke down during the concert so my tweets went out later - sorry - too many people using the Vodaphone bandwidth at once. But here are a few of my iPhone photos.

Everyone can see everything from any seat with the new stage

The screens deform down in an electric, intense light show

Sunday Bloody Sunday in green for the Iran reformation movement

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