Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chief cook and bottle washer

We released the new research engine into production last night much to everyone's delight. It's hot and if you'd like to try it out go here and give my name as your contact.

But as you would expect after a long weekend of extra work there were a number of coffee cups and dirty glasses lying around the office. We have a small office in California and theoretically a "wash your own dishes" policy but I have developed a habit of washing whatever dishes are in the sink when I get in.

This morning I walked through all the cubes and collected up all the glasses and mugs - quite a few this time.

Some of my folks have asked me why I do the dishes? It's simple to me. I work for my employees. It's my job to do whatever is necessary to make them more effective and so make the company more successful. Given how hard they work, and the long hours they work, seems to me the least I can do it make sure they have clean dishware to chose from when they want a cup of coffee. It's part of the culture I want to build - we do things for one another.

Now my teenage kids... that's a different question altogether!

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