Thursday, October 1, 2009

How trust impacts you when you're overloaded

I've written before about how I believe trust is very efficient when running a company and yesterday I had a classic example of it.

Yesterday I was trying to decide whether to go to the funeral of a close family member in England next week. The decision was non trivial because I am very over committed right now with work, boards and family and taking 3 days to go to the funeral seemed out of reach. I sit next to YY and Ana at work and spoke with them both about my decision right after speaking with my father about the family's plans and whether I could be there or not (and listening to the subtle, subliminal messages only parents know how to send).

YY made it all very straightforward for me. She reassured me that FirstRain business could wait, the team would cover, and more importantly pointed out that 5 years from now all the things I am worried about for next week would not matter, but that whether I was at the funeral or not would matter. That I would not regret going and I could well regret not going.

As CEO I strive to always put the company first - it's a labor of love (as one of our investors thanked me for this week) and I never want to make a decision that could reduce the chances of FirstRain thriving. But being able to trust my team and trust their advice makes it all so much more manageable and time efficient.

I have unfortunately worked with too many turkey executives who I did not trust in recent years (pre FirstRain). The difference at FirstRain is like night and day.

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