Thursday, October 1, 2009

The MacBook Air is a terrific product

I had posted on September 15 that my PC had died and I was considering whether to go Mac for work - well I did!

The key app for me to be able to do this is VMWare Fusion which allows me to run Outlook on my Mac (it runs a PC emulation window). This is essential because I have a complete archive of FirstRain emails in my local inbox (all filed by topic) and I could not afford to not carry these forward. Hence any laptop decision was constrained by my ability to continue to run Outlook.

To my IT team's credit - when I walked into the office with a long face about my dead PC and a yearning for an Air they dug in and figured out how to make it work for me. So now I have an Air on my lap (sitting at San Jose airport waiting for a flight) and I can live in a Mac world for everything except email. It's so very, very much better than a PC. It's a modern OS, with modern apps, and now a seamless interface into my home computer world which is MacBooks and Drobos for all our media (we have all our music and DVDs ripped and stored digitally on Drobos which are home RAID drives so all four of us can access all our media whenever we want - and we can watch any movie we own on the AppleTV under our TV).

I am a very happy user - and very grateful to my flexible IT team. Only problem now is we have to hope Apple brings the price down over time so we can afford to have more Air's in the company.

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