Monday, November 30, 2009

Company culture outlasts the company

People write a lot about company culture, but it is an ephemeral thing that is hard to measure and even harder to sustain. But sometimes it happens and it's magic when it does.

I had a Simplex reunion before the holiday and over 60 people showed up to my house, filling the family room and spilling into the garden in the cold weather. Now we sold Simplex in June 2002 - more than 7 years ago - so you'd think the feelings might have faded over time. Even so, the team snapped back together as if only a day had gone by.

Afterwards I received some thank yous that capture what a special time Simplex was:

"Thank you etc... The Simplex clan is uniquely special in how we've followed along in such a warm way after we've gone our separate ways"


"It was so lovely to see everyone, and hard to believe that I hadn't seen some of the folks in more than 5 years -- it felt like I just saw them yesterday. It's a testament to the special place Simplex was that so many people came and that the connections were still so fresh. Time and again while I was talking with people, they said, "I've never been at a place like Simplex, before or since..." Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to get together and remember what a gift it was to work together."

Thank you to all of you for making it such a special place and time!

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