Friday, November 19, 2010

This blog is now two!

Gentle reader

We have now separated this blog into two blogs - each with different personalities.

Market Mine - about FirstRain, our company, our technology, our fun and our culture will now be hosted on MarketMine and you'll see more authors writing with me about what's going on with us. Market Mine shows up on the front of so you can always find it there.

Our goal is still to be entertaining and interesting though - no corporate drone blogging for us! And you can also find FirstRain on Facebook and Twitter @firstrain of course.

This URL (that's will morph into my personal blog of my observations and stories. Being a silicon valley CEO, new ideas, obviously including my FirstRain journey and the funny things that happen in my life (on the way to the Forum so to speak).

This split will make it possible for me to write on a wider set of topics - but still for your entertainment and interest as well as my fun in the writing. And if you want to get a sense of how nutty my life can get you can also follow me on Twitter @pennyherscher

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