Monday, January 24, 2011

Spiderman on Broadway - or 24 perfect hours in New York

As I left California early Saturday morning I was feeling down, processing through feelings and worrying about some private life developments. But life is too short to stay down and so I decided that by the time I landed in New York I would have a plan to simply enjoy my time there.

First step - continue my pursuit of the world's most perfect Eggplant Parmesan - off to Caravaggio. A newish restaurant on Madison and 74th, and home to not only sublime food but also exquisite ambiance.

The eggplant parmesan was glorious - second only to the version at Giggetto in Rome - creamy but crispy, spicy but smooth.

Combined with sauteed artichokes, fusilli with four kinds of mushrooms, prosciutto with burrata and a great bottle of wine and I was soon feeling more cheerful (and no, I was not eating alone!).

Sat up talking late into the night and then the next day, despite the cold, I decided to walk Manhattan. 24 degrees, brilliant sunshine, the city never looked more beautiful. Art everywhere you look - in the buildings, the park and even in the street.

Then, after walking for many hours, happily window shopping, Spiderman: Turn of the Dark.

Perfection. Stunning visual art. I marvel at the imagination of the set and costume designers. And the music is vintage Bono and the Edge. I sat gripped. Sometimes with a silly grin on my face as my delight washed over me, sometimes wiping away a tear as the music and art moved me. Who knows if the critics at the New York Times will like it - it's due to open and so be reviewed soon but - if you can - go and see it.

Walking home in the quiet Sunday evening I felt truly lucky, deeply nourished, and even more in love with New York than ever.

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