Saturday, March 5, 2011

Desert challenge - iPad beats MacBook Air for the first time!

I am so dependent on technology I go crazy when it doesn't work for me. This weekend we went to Death Valley for 48 hours. Our only objective was to be with my parents (both fighting the cancer fight), relax, admire the natural beauty and eat & drink.

But I have a board meeting on Tuesday and, as is always the case, I had not managed to get my package complete in work time and knew I had to finish it from the hotel in Death Valley before my companions woke up. But despite my cleverest strategies I could not get the package sent.

The hotel wifi would not allow me to send the attachments. I manipulated slides to make them smaller - no joy, uploaded them to dropbox, then downloaded them from dropbox and tried sending them from my iPad via the cell network - no joy. There was no Verizon coverage so my Verizon aircard would not work - hence moving to the iPad. One file went thru! this was the moment when I praised my iPad (and AT&T) and cursed my Air (and hotel wireless anonymous).

But my victory was short lived. Only one of the three files went thru so then I resorted to deep breathing. Relax, there was simply nothing more I could do. Now I sit in Las Vegas airport, back in the hubbub, and my files sent in a split second. I guess I am back.

Snow 11000' above Salt

Flowers fighting for life - marginally less stressed than me

The happy bunch

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