Thursday, March 17, 2011

A tale of three mugs

When I first started commuting to New York for FirstRain I rented a little apartment to save money vs. hotels. Bare and basic but cheap in Midtown - and the start of a journey narrated by china.

One of my first personalizations of the tiny apartment was to buy 3 mugs at the local Starbucks. One green - said "Friendship"; one purple - said "Prosperity"; one red - said "Love". They were hefty mugs with a good feel in the hand and on the lip as I would sip my morning coffee. And they captured hopeful sentiments for the future.

The first one to break was Prosperity. I dropped it at the end of 2007, unintentionally in sync with the world markets. Purple china (the original color of wealth because it was the hardest dye to make) smashed onto the floor with the cockroaches whom I shared my second apartment with by then - I was experiencing the West Village without realizing in advance the wildlife that would share my 1896 brownstone.

The second mug to break was Friendship. Dropped by my daughter on the floor of my third apartment on the Upper East Side. At least by then the floor was wood, clean and I didn't share it with bugs or birdsong it was so high up. I am blessed with my best friends, but some friendships broke in the last 3 years. As I drove myself and my company hard thru the recession I certainly learned who my real friends are. Hard times and difficult decisions brought out the best in some and the worst in others.

But Love lasts. It's the last mug standing, and my favorite. I cupped my hands around it today before heading home from New York. I have more and more love in my life - if possible it grew in the last 3 years. I love my kids more each day and appreciate my bossy, needy, hurly burly and furry family so much. I'm going to continue to take great care of my red Love mug.

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