Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 3 excuses people give for being late for an interview with me

Today's is a doozy. Interviewing a sales candidate who is supposed to be here at 10am but...

Top 3 excuses I have heard for why a candidate is late:

1. I overslept and missed the plane, missed the ferry, missed the train etc - lame in this day and age of cellphones with alarms

2. I couldn't find your office - lame in this day and age of Google maps

and my new favorite

3. I am getting a ticket right now and will be late. He sent me a photo as proof. I like this guy already.


Anonymous said...

I don't think #2 is lame at all. I have used GPSes (various brands) and Google Maps in all different countries and states and have been OFTEN steered wrong!

YY Lee said...

The big issue with #2 is, especially for a sales candidate, he/she needs to know how to take into account timing and travel issues, possibilities of getting lost, etc. Or how can you expect them to manage their meeting commitments with customers?

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