Monday, April 25, 2011

Hustle and Dust

When a whole city is a building site the dust is hard to believe. Gurgaon is a new city, changing every day. Office buildings, hospitals, a metro all being built at a pace unimaginable in the States.

Office buildings go up so fast they are left unfinished. Standing at the window of our 15th floor office at Unitech Cyberpark I could see rough globs of putty awkwardly holding the pane in, with smears across the glass that has never been cleaned off. Who has the time? The city is short of hotel rooms but there are 4,000 new rooms being built at the airport that will come on line in the next few months. Every road is jammed with cars with no rules, no lanes, no sense of one side or the other, but with drivers with an uncanny sense of proximity so they can drive within 1 inch of each other and not touch.

Hustle and dust and haze.

But at the top of the hotel I stayed in there is a beautiful pool. Not heated but a perfect temperature. Empty at dawn and waiting for me. I stood on the roof looking out at the extraordinary growth, creativity, passion and energy that is bringing India onto the world economic stage. Like in New York, I could feel the pulse in the air. It wasn’t hard to tap into that energy and get into the water, swim intensely and wake up to be ready for my packed calendar every day.

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