Friday, June 17, 2011

I get called a "naughty girl"

Sadly there is no titillation with this story - just the usual gender patronage.

I was on the phone with a sixty-ish business man a few days ago and I was selling. Not selling hard but describing my business and answering his many questions as he queried me to get a good sense of where we are, what our strategy is and the source of our momentum.

After an hour of high quality conversation I went for the close and asked for his conclusion. His response "You are a naughty girl for asking me so directly".

I was gobsmacked. Can you imagine a man saying "you are a naughty boy" to another man? In any business setting?

So, gentle-reader, how, pray, did I respond? Jane Austen would have been proud of me. I stayed with my immaculate good manners, apologized for being so direct, and reminded him that he would think less of me if I did not try to close him, all with a sense of humor.

In the end it's just funny. I know this gentleman greatly respects me. He's just not aware of what his words communicate and he'd be mortified if he was so I am not going to tell him, I'm just going to succeed in his world.


Mary Going said...

What a fascinating post! First, of course, because of the comment and your response. But, what I'm most fascinated with is the fact that you blogged about it - and you have a popular blog! Did it get back to him? Did you worry about that?

Penny Herscher said...

No the customer never connected the post to his comment - but even if he had I think I could have got him to see the humor in the situation.

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