Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little black dress and pearls: FirstRain and Selling Power

I swung by Boston on my way home at the end of my extended business trip earlier this week. My mission - get on stage at the Sales 2.0 conference and present how FirstRain can be used to track the news in a profession. It's not how we sell the product but the product is amazingly good at doing it so we're sharing it in this mode for free!

In this case we have partnered with Selling Power and put a widget up on their website and here's the video of my 5 minute talk with the CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner.

No matter how much speaking I do, and no matter how often I watch the videos of myself to try to improve, I am human and I cringe. And I mock myself. Little black dress: check, pearls: check, forgot-to-wear-an-outfit-with-a-belt-and-so-has-to-hold-the-mike: check. Predictable! One of these days I'll remember to wear pants when I am speaking on stage. How can I forget again and again? Vanity over practicality peut-être?

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