Saturday, July 2, 2011

A day of sun, wind, sand and water

The North Shore of Maui is the perfect place to spend a day in the wind and sun. Armed with a cooler, a great book, #50 sunscreen and my camera I watched my two man-children kite board all afternoon. Silly grins and laid back attitudes, they chatted with their kiting buddies and checked in on me every 30 minutes or so with a "did you see me jump?" or "did you get a photo of me?" types of inquiries - all about them and their kiting of course!

But I got my end in - note the blue nose - although I did allow him to put on blue instead of the pink which I was teasing him with!

Prepping their kites and boards

Dad helping his boy launch

Sebastian headed out into the wind at high speed

Dad jumping to assert his skills in front of his son
(although my camera work does not do his jumping justice)

Yeah Mom - I give in - you can put zinc oxide on my nose if you'll just let me kite!

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