Monday, August 1, 2011

Amazing Crowdrise - and raising money for ovarian cancer research

If you want to see a great example of quality, humor and ease of use combined look no further than Crowdrise. I discovered this site as I prepared to raise money for ovarian cancer research in the run up to doing the Maui 'Aumakua Swim - a 2.4 mile open water swim off Maui on Labor Day.

Ever the over achiever, I want to beat the amount of money I raised doing the Aquabike in 2008. That time I raised over $10,000 using an email campaign. This time I want to seriously beat that and so I asked around looking for a site that would make it easy for my friends to give and track my progress at the same time and found Crowdrise.

In just a few minutes I had my site up. It took me a few more minutes to find and add photos of the ladies in my life who are my inspiration, including my mother who is fighting the disease, but then it was ready to go. Follow that with a couple of hours on Saturday morning to build out email lists of the friends I am hitting up for donations and I had a fundraiser up and running.

Crowdrise is easy, it's funny - every message they send you will make you smile - it prompts you and coaches you every step you take and it has a terrific energy about it . But most importantly it works. I had over $5,000 of donations within 24 hours (including 2 anonymous donations of $1000 each - simply marvelous) and now 2.5 days later the total is over $8,000. I am confident my swim is going to raise well more than $10,000 and I hope to raise my goal within a day or two.

Thank you to everyone who has given so far. Thank you to the anonymous givers who I cannot reach out to. And thank you to the givers who only used their first name because they are too well known to have their full names up on a site like this - but I can guess and so call you!

And if you want to encourage me to complete the swim, or more importantly have license to give me endless grief about how lame my time is, please DONATE HERE!

Me swimming off the Maui shoreline in February getting used to the chop

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