Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two of my loves just merged: FirstRain and the iPad

We announced the FirstRain iPad app today. Now normally I don't blog about FirstRain product feature this and technology that on Grassy Road, but this one is just too delicious to ignore.

Our new iPad app marries the elegance of the iPad with the precision of FirstRain's business Web. It's visual business monitoring - slick, fast, cool, beautiful, powerful - all the adjectives we can't use in a press release but want to say. I truly love it and it's now how I stay on top of my customers, our industry and everything else business wise that I need to know in a few minutes a day.

If you are in sales, marketing or purchasing, or you are a partner in a law firm, or a librarian, or a MI or CI professional, you are going to want a FirstRain subscription and this app. You are missing developments in your market, your customers, your vendors TODAY that you can now see real-time with the gentle swipe of a finger.

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