Monday, February 13, 2012

Distractions in my [home] office

I like to believe I can work from anywhere - and so can travel with my family when I need to. But sometime nature makes fun of me.

This week I am in Costa Rica and working from a house high on a hill in a very remote area on the Pacific coast border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Why, you may ask, do I chose to go to a place that is 1 hour down a dirt road from the nearest "town" - which is a truck stop and a few houses with 1 traffic light?

The answer is that my husband and my son are fanatical kite boarders and this is one of the best spots in the world. So, rather than be left behind when they take their annual trip as I have the last 3 years, this year I decided to come with them and work from the house we have rented.

And this afternoon that is just what I was doing. Quietly working on a presentation in the shade when a family of 10 monkeys decided that I needed distracting. They came happily jumping through the trees, screeched at me to get my attention and make me jump up, run for my camera and spend a happy 10 minutes talking to them. Then just as quickly they scampered away and let me get back to work.

What a treat - thanks to the miracle of a satellite dish and the internet!

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