Monday, April 16, 2012

The B2B Twitter breakthrough

It's a big day for FirstRain today - but also a big day for the social enterprise platforms like Chatter, Yammer and Jive because now, for the very first time, Twitter is useful for B2B professionals in their social enterprise platform.

Up until now media and brand monitoring solutions like Radian6 have been tapping into Twitter so vendors can see what their customers are saying. United lost your luggage and you gripe about it on Twitter - United can see that. But the solutions that provide consumer monitoring are hopeless if you are a B2B professional trying to find breaking industry news on Twitter.

We've solved that problem and are announcing FirstTweets™ today. This is the world’s first solution for extracting business-relevant Twitter Intelligence. FirstTweets™ is a part of our FirstRain Enterprise Customer Intelligence System and is included for our customers (but can also be purchased stand alone).

It is a technology breakthrough that solves the Twitter problem for business executives: how to get business value and intelligence out of the 250 million tweets that Twitter produces daily. Our analysis shows that more than 99.9% of all Twitter is non-relevant to business professionals, making it effectively impossible to get to the daily intelligence it contains.

Now, by using FirstRain’s semantic analytics, our system provides the ability to easily and effectively access the business intelligence hidden within the Twitter stream. FirstTweets™ collects and organizes real time industry and customer specific information to uncover revenue opportunities, including customer developments, industry trends, news, market analysis, emerging themes and so much more.

This intelligence is then easily integrated into different workflows, including iPads and other mobile devices, CRM systems, social enterprise platforms like Chatter, Jive, Yammer and SharePoint, or any workflow that works best for sales and marketing teams.

For example - you are a sales rep selling to Cisco. You want to see the Tweets about changes in Cisco's market that impact your sales strategy but if you try to look for Cisco on Twitter 99% of what you'll see are consumer complaints about Linksys which drown out the interesting news about Cisco's business.

Or maybe you are a marketing person trying to put high quality information about your own market up on your internal portal for your sales and executive team. Now you can add in a widget with the business-relevant Tweets about your market, or feed the FirstTweets stream right into Yammer so everyone can see it. It's just that easy.

You can see more examples on FirstRain. It's flexible and you can feed your B2B Tweets into widgets, feeds, your phone - whatever makes it easiest for your team to see the B2B Twitter news real-time.

Tweets on the Telecomm industry - but this can be easily filtered to whichever segment of Telecomm you find interesting

Or Tweets inside Chatter about developments at your favorite customers

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