Monday, August 13, 2012

Quora answers the shocking question about Silicon Valley

Thanks Quora! Talk about getting answers...
Last week's question:

Silicon Valley: What are some things I'd be shocked to learn about the outside world? I'm pretty sure my reality is stuck in a bubble of tech startup culture

produced hilarious results...

  • I know and love people who would be surprised that "Most people have never heard of Instagram, Square, Dropbox, AirBnB". 
  • It is hard here to remember sometimes that "Most of the world is not 16-29 year old males" and "Women are [indeed!] about half the population" 
  • Where I come from (rural SW England)  "Most people's friends are not millionaires" and "Most people don't know people who have retired at age 35"
  • Living in the alternative reality myself, I don't really get that "Pitching can also refer to baseball"
  • And I am sorry, even for people outside the valley, no "Microsoft is still" not! "glamorous"

But no BetaBeat - we are not pitiful! We may be self-absorbed, our fearless employees may be nerdy and need a shower, but they are not to be pitied...

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