Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Performinator!

We're in the countdown to Dreamforce - billed as the biggest tech show on Earth!  And we're having fun with it.

We're calling our solution the Performinator, and smiling as we do it. It's all about performance --- but we're talking about the performance of your sales and marketing team, and so the performance of your business.

Our new solution embeds FirstRain customer intelligence into CRM in a way that feeds the sales staff real-time developments on their customer's business and markets, tuned to their view of the market, right in their CRM or mobile workflow.

As GE told me, for the very first time the middle 70% of the sales team can be as well informed as the top 10% are. Steve Kozak from GE Capital will be on stage with me at Dreamforce on 9/20 talking about GE's integration of the FirstRain solution. Join us!

I'm proud of my marketing team. They're taking a risk, making a bold statement about the impact FirstRain has on your business, and they're doing it with a smile.

Dreamforce is all about momentum and humor for us. Something super heroes know a little bit about.

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