Friday, April 26, 2013

Are you ready for some Action!!

One of the most enjoyable things about working at FirstRain is that we spend time every day with Fortune 500 sales and marketing leaders discussing about their challenges, their objectives and how they’re trying to move the revenue needle for their companies. And one thing we’ve heard consistently when talking to these folks is the urgent need they have to increase the productivity of their teams. As we exit the Great Recession, many companies are facing pitched competitive battles while having significantly reduced teams—which puts the onus on a company’s sales and marketing operations or enablement teams to help every rep be as productive as possible!

This drive to provide increasingly powerful solutions to the sales team to raise their revenue productivity is what’s behind our latest release, just announced today (see it here on an expanded set of analytics actions for With this new release, FirstRain users who are accessing FirstRain integrated into their CRM instance can now:

  • Advance their sales cycles more quickly by instantly assigning critical FirstRain intelligence into an actionable Task for themselves or their team.
  • Easily inject useful context and intelligence into any account view by enriching emerging account developments using account Notes.
  • Improve collaboration by instantly sharing impactful developments with their team and colleagues via Chatter or email.

The means we're making it easy for sales people to instantly convert useful customer analytics into the activities that increase their team collaboration, improve their alignment with their customer and so grow their revenue - and their commission.


We put out a press release which quotes me as saying “To be competitive in today’s market, enterprise sales teams need to not only deeply understand the customer, their customer’s customer and their customer’s market, but they must also be able to instantly act on that intelligence.”

...and our early release customers are already loving it!

CMSWire’s great article on the release today puts it well, “FirstRain, whose name invokes nourishing precipitation after a dry spell, is looking to refresh productivity in Salesforce …”.

We couldn’t have put it better.

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