Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How you know you are a Road Warrior

Having crossed the country every week for many weeks now I'm reminded of the KPIs of the road warrior...

You can sleep anywhere and everywhere. On a plane, sitting on the floor by the airline gate, sitting upright in a hotel lobby.

You know which seats don't recline on each flight - without having to check the UA web site.

You know the wine menu at the United Club by heart. And then the bartender at the Chicago United Club greets you by name (yikes).

You've see OZ the Great and Powerful, without sound on a small screen above your head, 6 times in 2 weeks.

You can pack for a week in the smallest size of case Tumi makes.

You can run a conference call, on GoToMeeting, from a restaurant, with your cellphone and iPad and order food, eat and make a material financial decision - all in 30 minutes.

You can make even the reddest eyes look good with Visine.

Real food is a rarity - and a treat when you get it. Oatmeal is the breakfast staple because you know you can eat it fast.

Diet Coke. Say again. Diet Coke.

Your own bed is the sweetest, softest place you've ever been in when you finally fall into it!

But what are YOUR KPIs? Add a comment on how you know you're a Road Warrior!

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