Sunday, September 28, 2014

Me in the New York Times: What Parents Can Teach A CEO

When the New York Times said they wanted to interview me for the CEO Corner I had a series of reactions:

"Wow - that's great!! Fantastic exposure for FirstRain!"

"OMG - what will I say? What if I sound like an idiot?"

"Help! What will I wear?"

Classic girl. Worried about what I'll wear and what other people will think. Yes, even 54 year old CEOs have the same thoughts you probably have if you are female. But in the end, I'm very pleased with the result... and I wore my favorite dress.

Penny Herscher of FirstRain: What Parents Can Teach a CEO

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Aloke Bhandia said...

I enjoyed reading you on the New York Times this morning. It was a surprise. I could particularly relate to couple of comments:

"I was the most important person in the universe until I had kids." I reached another level of maturity while parenting our teens.

"You can collect advice, but nobody is going to make a decision for you, so just get on with it and make the decisions. If they’re right, you’ll be fine, and if they’re wrong, you’ll be fired." This is very true and I have personally experienced it several times.

Thanks for sharing the nuggets.

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