Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday morning thinking ritual: Swim a mile!

Love that John Brandon apologized for profiling the Monday morning rituals of only tech men, and then wrote about the morning rituals of 8 women tech leaders here! Pleased to be #7...

7. Swim to think:

"Monday morning I am recharged and ready to go. Up early, grind the beans, and make a French press of Illy coffee while talking with our dogs and checking my email. Then, I drive to a dawn swim for 45 mins. Swimming outside (all year round in California) and watching the sun come up as I swim makes me see the world as new and full of possibilities. And I do some of my best thinking doing laps. Quick shower, into the office, and I'm pumped to talk with my staff about the challenges of the week."--Penny Herscher, president and CEO at FirstRain

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